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The satisfaction of our customers is our priority at Banjarra Tribal. Our guarantee is that all of our rugs are genuinely handmade rugs, made of real wool. Our mission is to help you find a rug that you love, at the best possible price, and make sure it arrives to you quickly and safely. To achieve this, we have set out the following paragraphs to let you know how we work and what you can expect from us. You can read from the beginning or just jump straight to the section you are interested in. If you need more information about anything, please contact us.

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Delivery and Postage

At Banjarra we offer free delivery to all of our customers within Australia. As such, delivery times may vary significantly depending on where you are located. This may vary from one day up to a week or two, however we will always try to be as prompt as possible with posting items. As many of the rugs we post are quite large, it may take longer for you to receive them than it would for other items you have ordered previously. At Banjarra we will try our best to keep you updated with the progress of you delivery and when you can expect to receive your item. Below is a rough guide for when you can expect your item to arrive. Please note that paying ‘Cash on Delivery’ is only available for those living in the Perth Metropolitan Area.

Perth Metropolitan Area:2 Days – 1 Week
Western Australia:1 Week
Eastern States / Interstate:1 – 2 Weeks

Returns and Refunds

At Banjarra, we want all of our customers to be completely happy and confident with the purchases they make. If you receive an item from us that you are not happy with, you are able to return it if you let us know within 2 days of receiving the item.

To do this, please rely to the order confirmation email you received when placing your order. In your email, please include the reasons why you are not happy with the item and why you wish to return it. This may include reasons such as: the item not being the one you ordered, the item being damaged, the item not looking like the pictures on our online store. Please include any pictures that may help support your reasons and then pack your item back up in its packaging.

You should expect to hear back from us within a few days with further instructions on how to send the item back to us.

Please note though, we reserve the right to decline a return if we have reason to believe that the customer is being dishonest or not upfront about the reasons for return.

Privacy and Personal Data

At Banjarra we try to put our customers first and respect their rights of privacy at all times. As such, your personal and payment details will only be used to process your order and help you navigate our online store. At no time will we ever intentionally share your personal details with third parties.

It is our policy that all personal and payment information we have on record will be deleted after approximately 3 months. At this point, we will no longer have a record of your personal details associated with your order, so please keep your own copy of your order details if you wish to contact us about it in the future. If you would like your personal details removed from our records immediately and not after 3 months, please contact us and we will be happy to do this for you.

Product Photographs

The photographs on our online store were personally taken by us, including those of the rugs and other products. Great care was taken to make sure that the photographs matched the colours of the rug as closely as possible. The photographs of the rugs were taken indoors at our shop. This was under scattered natural light, which would be similar to an average home. These photographs however may appear darker on some devices, especially those with high contrast displays.

In a well-lit room or a room with lots of sunlight, the rugs will definitely look brighter. In such conditions, the colours in the rugs (especially the darker rugs, such as those with deep reds) will not look as deep and rich. This however is rarely a problem as the rugs still look beautiful and vibrant, it is just something to keep in mind if you are looking for a rug with deep red or other rich colours. The majority of the rugs will look slightly brighter and more vibrant in real life than they do in the pictures. The reason for this is that we did not digitally enhance any of the photographs and only edited them to remove the backgrounds. This was intentional as we did not want customers to be dazzled by the photographs of the rugs only to be disappointed when the rug they receive does not look as bright and colourful as the pictures they had seen.

If you would like us to send you more pictures of a particular rug, we would be more than happy to. At Banjarra we want all of our customers to be completely confident and happy with the purchases they make.

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