Crystals / Gemstones

Crystals / Gemstones

At Banjarra, we have a large selection of precious and semi-precious crystals, stones and jewels. This includes high quality raw crystals, gems, stones (raw and polished), and a unique selection of beautiful crystal specimens (thumbnail to large display sizes).

All of our pieces are proudly authentic, coming directly from mines in the Himalayan Mountain Range (Hindukush & White Mountain Region) as well as the Mount K2 Region.

The following are a few pictures to show you our range.

• Aqua Marine (Blue Beryl)
• Black Tourmaline Specimens
• Emerald Specimens
• Kunzite/ Hiddenite
• Lapis Lazuli
• Morganite (Pink Beryl)
• Natural Zircon Specimens
• Pink Tourmaline Specimens
• Topaz (Clear, Rose/Imperial)
• Tourmaline (Pink, Blue, Green, Watermelon)

Take a look inside our shop and find the perfect piece for yourself or someone special. The shop is located in Fremantle, which is in Perth, Western Australia. If you aren’t able to come in to our store, don’t worry! All of our pieces can happily be posted Australia-wide.

The crystal and gemstone pieces are still being added to the online store. In the meantime, if you are looking for something particular or just have questions about certain pieces and their prices, we are more than happy to help you find just what you need.

Please call us on 0413 683 304 or send us an email at

If you would like to buy many pieces, we are happy to arrange a wholesale option.

Thank you!